Monday, November 8, 2021




repurposed decor 

every ornament made over

plaid and burlap by the yard 

underneath: former years’ baubles 

realizing new life now - discarded 

potpourri and wreaths adorning 

ornaments preserving 

sentiments of time 

even as trends change - 

decor repurposed


  1. Kim, this is a wonderful idea. I love seeing these redecorated decorations and the way they give new life and beauty to this season. I really want a pink tree, that is, a tree decorated w/ pink, and this idea may being that to fruition!

  2. How fun! Looks great and now I want to go get my holiday decor out of the garage!

  3. You've repurposed and have made some lovely new decor for your home. ENJOY!

  4. "Repurpose" and "reclamation" are some of my favorite concepts, Kim - here you have incorporated both! The shiny baubles of former years, and all the memories they carry, are made new. Your ornaments are BEAUTIFUL. The word "homespun" comes to mind, in its most positive sense - as in made at home, by the hearth, from the heart - and therefore wrapped in layers of love. As always, you inspire me on multiple levels!