Tuesday, November 16, 2021

A New Son


A New Son

“A young male schnoodle - 

a stray on the streets,” she told 

me, about this dog…

“…animal shelter 

placed him with his first rescue,

who called another…..

more breed-specific -

we took him as a foster…

he’s such a sweet boy! 

Come meet him!” she urged. 

Off we drove to fall in love,

welcome a new son.

“Here is all his food~

oh, and the ball is sacred.”

We brought him home, changed

his name from King to 

Ollie, bought a new collar,

tag, and dog sweater.

We introduced him

to his new tribe of brothers -

a family tree! 

He doesn’t like baths,

wants to play fetch all day long.

His eyebrows tell all.

He whine-talks his thoughts,

outright barks his firm demands.

He’s made us his own!  

1 comment:

  1. HE. IS. PRECIOUS. They all are! And how true it is that these God-sent creatures (just look in their eyes) make us their own! I cannot imagine my own life without dogs, Kim. Nor can my boys - could we even call it "life"?