Tuesday, September 28, 2021

🔥 Hot Flash Hell Haiku 🔥


🔥  Hot Flash Hell Haiku 🔥 

Hormonal headache 

Flaring up at 4 a.m.

Taunting the Synthroid

Puddle of head sweat 

Dripping onto soggy sheets

MoRnInG HoT fLaSh HeLL 🔥  

Underwear binding

Evil, disloyal traitors

Unforgiving fiends 

Leg pillow, ice fan

Trusted friends of menopause

Welcome, mid-fifties! 


  1. These are AWESOME and SPOT ON! I have been pretty lucky overall with these afflictions, but I do know of what you speak. That 4 am headache - ugh, deadly! Especially, when you face the long working day ahead. Be well!

  2. Dear Kim... in a word: ALAS. The truth you tell is not "slant"... it's what country folk might call the "pure-T" truth. How you capture and convey such power in so few words always astonishes me. Love the capitals running through the "hot flash hell" line - that random jaggedness of the experience itself - although I do see that part spells RIGHT. Underwear as evil traitors and fiends... preach on, sister!!