Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Everything Around You Duplex


Everything Around You Duplex

in a Georgia State Park, you can breathe -

everything around you is pure and natural 

organic beauty seeps from everything around you 

in picturesque form, unclouded with worry 

wild simplicity in picturesque form beckons 

you to take a pulse check: slow down. breathe. 

take a pulse check and breathe clean air 

unclogging oxygen to free the mind 

unclogging troubles, releasing drama, lifting spirits 

like fireflies writing crystallizing truths 

on a canvas of trees- truths that set you free 

to savor moments, re-oriented with a fresh mindset 

a fresh mindset that re-orients the soul

in a Georgia State Park, where you can breathe

Invitation to write:



  1. I love this response to Kwame’s prompt. The duplex is a perfect form for capturing the celebration of parks snd nature. And thank you for sharing the challenge w/ me. I think I forgot to say that earlier. 🥰

  2. Kim, thank you so much for sharing the link to this call for poetry. I wrote one spring the poetry marathon, thanks to your email. What a lovely way to celebrate Parks and Recreation month. It's obvious from your beautiful duplex that you know the power of parks to re-orient mindsets and unclog troubles. Thanks again for sharing. I'll look forward to seeing the final project.

  3. "Organic" has been one of my favorite words for a long time...not so much to do with food etc. but as in processes and relationships and the natural world you convey here. This idea of unclogging - powerful, so needed; and oh these lines: "fireflies writing crystallizing truths/on a canvas of trees- truths that set you free" - I am absolutely savoring those. They glitter and gleam like living jewels!