Sunday, March 21, 2021

Springtime Smiles

 Things that Made me Happy on the First Day of Spring

a hawk swooping into a tree on our campsite 

a long walk with the dogs

a picnic at the top of the falls at High Falls State Park

a family playing colorful parachute ball

turtles sunning themselves on the rocks at the bottom of the falls just beyond the rapids 

a son and his dad flying a kite 

baby fingers on the pine trees 

reading in the sun with my sherpa-slippered feet propped up

the Lionel Richie weekend radio songs

a grilled salmon dinner with my husband 

Welcome Spring 2021! 


  1. I'm hearing some Lionel Richie in my head now ...

  2. "Baby fingers on the pine trees" reaches straight into my heart. Hawks swooping=living poetry (as are their cries). Sherpa-slippered much savoring on Day 1 of spring!

  3. Gorgeous photos. I’m camping w/ you in my mind. It sounds as though your day was perfect.

  4. Comments went twice astray: oops browser error, try again. I just wanted to how happy poem and pics make me. Maybe third time will be a charm...

  5. Wow, what a camping trip. Very nice photos. (I love the parachute. I think they are magical to play with and watch.) Your lined slippers and a good book were a lovely touch.